I think blogs are stupid. No, for real. I have never followed a blog in my entire life. So I have no idea what I’m doing. But I’m hoping the internet and it’s infinite kindness and understanding is going to help me. Because when have the masses of the internet NOT been productive and helpful???

Lol, all jokes aside I do value the masses. And the masses right now are probably wondering what the hell I’m doing here on the interweb? Well, I’m here as a 2017 hobby. I’m going to try to write at least 3 times a week. And I can’t stress this enough, I’m a useless writer and communicator. I do my best to be extraverted and I’ve learned to be confident in my ability to be uncomfortably charming. Which is great! But looking back on it, I have poor communication skills and I’m 99% sure the only reason people like me is because I benefit from having not too awful a sense of humour and not being incredibly tragic looking. Which kind of sucks for the tragic looking people out there, because theres a good chance they’re more awesome than me.

SO.. truth time, I have recently been expulsed from a long-term-long-distance relationship. And I’m sort of fine, but also sort of dying and feel like I won’t know,like,  truly know until I have some distance. But, I’m very competitive with myself, and I want to be able to know for sure how I was doing. SO, this will be a life splattering therapeutic blog for people who don’t know if they suck or not. Feel free to send me your “do I suck” stories/ anything you wanna talk about and we’ll try to work through it together, here. If I get enough people following we’ll divide this into categories and Ill get other people writing on here.

I think the world can be a lonely enough place, even with all our awkward social media outlets. I would love to just feel connected to something more than myself.

If you have blog tips or want to participate in this, I’d love to have you.




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