Plan for yesterday:

6:30 Rise up!

7:30-1:30 Barista-ing with the happiest of smiles

2:30 Go to school and get invested in my playing.

5:00 Hatha Yoga class

6:00 pm Counterpoint homework

7:00 Dinner and Clothing Swap with friends

8:00 Shower

8:15 write blog post

9:00 bed

… heres how my day actually went

7:00 Wake up

7:01 Freak out and run to work

7:36 Punch in for work, late… without a uniform…

7:36-8:00 work hard

8:00-12:00 be grumpy and do nothing

12:10- meet cute boy, smiles come back

12:11-1:30 think about cute boy instead of working

1:30-4:30 going to friends house and taking a nap

4:31-6 decide not to go to yoga and sleep more

6:30 go back to work as i left my debit card there

6:31 see cute boy again; wonder if this is fate

6:33 regret not having gone up and talking to him

7:00 get a london fog at a coffee shop and write

8:00 go home, feeeling pathetic about my day

8:10 do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred level 1

9:00-1:00 am Talk to Ex and kick myself in the teeth for feeling the need to tell him about my bad days

Things I learnt from yesterday the 17th of January 2017

I can have lazy tendencies, but those tendencies just make me feel worse and lazier, because the best part of my day was my 30 minutes after having worked out..

Working out sucks. the worst part of my day was having hot girl Jillian Michaels screaming at my face and feeling like a piece of shit.

I still love my ex. Even though I know that its an unsustainable relationship.

An opportunity missed, is worse than making a fool of yourself..

Thats all for now,

Because today I am better, and I’m going to my 12 pm Yoga class.

Emily- 1        Laziness-.. also 1. I found a half eaten cookie in my coat pocket this morning… (why didn’t i just eat it or throw it out.. jesus.)


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