Hungry and tired

I’ve been trying to get out of bed, but bloody P is making it real hard on me. I’ve just been lying here, with a mild, but annoyingly constant lower back pain, listening to Radiohead and wondering when my miracle of a menstruation is going to LET THE FRICK UP!!!

Does anyone else have this problem? It’s like your menstrual cycle comes into town and is like

“Hey motivation! There’s only room for one M in this body, and for the next 5 and a half days, it’s going to be me.”

….and then motivation just peaces out for five and half days. It’s so frustrating.

In case you were wondering, yes I do imagine most parts of my body, and almost all my emotions as separate from me, which shows you how little control I seem to have, both over my feelings and my body.

Is that normal? Does anyone else feel  like they are totally lacking when it comes to control?

I’m an amateur yogi and I like to think one day, I’ll go on a silent retreat in india and just practice meditation and yoga and then I’ll know I’ve made it. But then I remember that i despise being alone and, I sing in the shower or on the toilet or cleaning my room and my brain goes like 500 miles a minute hence this awkward not grammatically correct run on sentence that I literally cannot finish ok? I’m borderline the least chill person in the world.


But maybe one day I’ll think thats great.

As for now, I guess I’ll try to teach Motivation to make Bloody P my bitch.


2 thoughts on “Hungry and tired”

  1. My period used to debilitate me and most months I couldn’t get up for first 3 days. Eventually I ended up on medication and it was the best thing I did! That, a good diet and keeping on exercising. Definitely try the yoga. Motivation wise try an aggression releasing fun activity like boxercise- pretend the bad is your “P” and punch the hell outta it 👍

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    1. I loveee these suggestions. I’ll definitely try out a more aggressive energy release! I’ve always wanted to try kickboxing. Maybe nows the time 😏😏😏

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