Period Party

You know how your surprise birthday parties can be great, but like, actually in reality they almost always suck and are terrifying? Well, I had that period moment today…

I’m a big bleeder and have no problem with my period. Were in a healthy, communicating relationship. Sure, sometimes when I don’t pay her enough attention, she gets sensitive and needy, but to be honest, my period, for me, is this instant, overwhelming feeling of relief, knowing my body is still more on the ball in life than I am. Today though, my period threw me a surprise party.

I normally have “signs” before I start to drip, but my period decided that would not be the case. And to be fair,she has snuck up on me before, so today, I was like “Well come on Bleedy P?! You should have told me you were coming by! I would have made some tea, slipped into something a little more comfortable, maybe even taken the night off to spend some time with you!” but, I know she can be impulsive and forget to let me know she’s gonna swim by. So, naturally, I forgave her. The thing that concerned me most was her colour. She wasn’t looking so hot, like a brownish black. And she’s normally a dark ruby, but never a black, so I was concerned, for both her and my health. So, I went on the internet, only to find out that she was fine, but she waited a little while longer to stop by (You know, I didn’t call, she didn’t want to seem clingy) and it caused her to change shades.

I know this has been a weird post about me and my odd relationship with my quasi best friend, my menstrual cycle, but in all seriousness, today looking up on webMD and other unmedical sources, I realized that I know nothing about not only my period but everyones period. Many things happen to my body that I don’t even know are normal, because I never talk to anyone about my period or what consistency it is, or whether it smells, or whether it feels good when I’m having sex or whether it makes me ticklish/itchy/horny/sad/any or all of the above. All valid things, that I’m assuming I’m not the only one to have these thoughts.

So heres, what I propose, for the no people reading.

Comment or write to me or share this post with others you feel could benefit or want to join and participate in my online party! Own your period, because it is a part of you that you and the rest of the world need to come to terms with… soon. Its not a dirty word (though it can be dirty), its a part of who you are and your identity as a badass women who shed with the moon and other badass things.

Lets have a virtual period party!

PS: Im leaving you with this badass feminist poets take on the period, this Period Poem is seriously amazing.

Kick ass ladies and stain everything




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