Hungry and tired

I've been trying to get out of bed, but bloody P is making it real hard on me. I've just been lying here, with a mild, but annoyingly constant lower back pain, listening to Radiohead and wondering when my miracle of a menstruation is going to LET THE FRICK UP!!! Does anyone else have this… Continue reading Hungry and tired


Plan for yesterday: 6:30 Rise up! 7:30-1:30 Barista-ing with the happiest of smiles 2:30 Go to school and get invested in my playing. 5:00 Hatha Yoga class 6:00 pm Counterpoint homework 7:00 Dinner and Clothing Swap with friends 8:00 Shower 8:15 write blog post 9:00 bed ... heres how my day actually went 7:00 Wake… Continue reading Stamina


I think blogs are stupid. No, for real. I have never followed a blog in my entire life. So I have no idea what I'm doing. But I'm hoping the internet and it's infinite kindness and understanding is going to help me. Because when have the masses of the internet NOT been productive and helpful???… Continue reading A STUPID POST FOR A STUPID YEAR 2016