*Thoughts:Obama and the Millennial*

So, something that should be known about me, is that I'm a huge loser in certain regards. I don't speak especially eloquently (see past posts) and I'm not always direct with my thoughts. Recently, I've been feeling, what I call Millenial-ish. I've been having A LOT of feelings and opinions. On everything. Like, literally everything.I've been… Continue reading *Thoughts:Obama and the Millennial*



Plan for yesterday: 6:30 Rise up! 7:30-1:30 Barista-ing with the happiest of smiles 2:30 Go to school and get invested in my playing. 5:00 Hatha Yoga class 6:00 pm Counterpoint homework 7:00 Dinner and Clothing Swap with friends 8:00 Shower 8:15 write blog post 9:00 bed ... heres how my day actually went 7:00 Wake… Continue reading Stamina